About Holiday Rentals Cape Town (by Digital SoUK)

If you, like me, first heads over to the “About” page of a newly found website then I hope that this will have you sticking around for a while.

Rose started doing online accommodation in the first year of the 21st Century; booking out Camps Bay villas to summer visitors as an alternative to conventional hotel suites. Vacant luxury properties, lots of sun, sea and beaches, clients in another hemisphere connected by dial-up internet and a basic website were ideal elements for a new digital venture. She has experience in programming, property management software, marketing of payment gateway applications as well as the e-commerce set-up of enterprises as diverse as South African jewellery and hand built furniture.

She is constantly preoccupied with ways to get the right properties onto the screens of our future (and past guests). Web site development and traffic optimisation are her special pets.

I started my working life in a bank and then went on to study physics and chemistry which led to brief period in synthetic diamond research. Naturally this led to my own whole food and vitamin company as well as the founding of Cape Town’s first online organic food crate service.

We both love property and the creative independence owning and working with it affords. Our first joint project was in real estate selling (and buying) farms and country properties in the Western Cape winelands. It was a natural process to update the rentals business and build it into what you now see.

We make it easy for you to find and book or list accommodation in our host regions. Founded well before online booking of holiday homes was the norm (yes in the days before Facebook, Twitter and booking portals) our platform delivers the right accommodation options for you to select a unique local residence with mimimum stress and great value. The selection continues to grow and the technology to evolve but we have remained personally involved and contactable for every booking and rental.