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Good jazz soundtrack, shellfish, curry under the warm glow of Edison electric lighting A light meal at Dalliance, Victoria Wharf
January 23, 2017

So you’ve just pre-spent the next 3 months worth of wage remuneration at the mall. Not good. A visit to Dalliance to recalibrate might help. Part 3 of 4 speed reviews of restaurants that offer great seafood (as well as other menu options), good views of the Atlantic Ocean and memorable comfort and interiors. Dalliance is upstairs in the main shopping centre part of the V&A Waterfront yet with its outlook over Table Bay and Granger Bay, easily shakes of the mall feel.

Fresh line fish at Pepenero Lunch at Pepenero
January 22, 2017

Here is the 2nd part of our 4 part uploadment about Cape Town restaurants that have great food, sea views and a special atmosphere: Lunch at Pepenero in Mouille Point.

I'll have some of what they're having. Inside the Bungalow. Dinner at The Bungalow, Clifton
January 8, 2017

Food, shelter, love and some cash: the four carbon fibre legs supporting the high gloss sunburst elliptical 3D printed coffee table surface which in this groovy urban furniture metaphor represents a memorable stay in fabulous Cape Town. Self-cater accommodation is absolutely our bag so all you have to provide is your dearest person/people and a bit of currency to complete the quadrapodic picture.

Cooking whilst on holiday is all well and good: no need to worry about missing that underwhelming hotel breakfast, a sandwich can be built and not bought and there are food markets like the Oranjezicht City Farm Market to provide delicious local ingredients for dinner. But its the allure of the new and as-yet uneaten in restaurants, innit? And Cape Town has a rich and imaginative selection of dining out options: unique dishes with most of the fresh components coming from within 100km of the city, excellent chefs. And let’s not get started on the the wine: at least 6 unique regions within an hour of the city and a variety that will require return visits to work through. Take 30% or more off the price paid for something comparable in Europe or the UK.

Where to begin? Dennie Pasion is our food taster at large and has keyed into her back of the serviette app her observations of 4 of restaurants that repeatedly satisfy her sense of taste and appreciation of the aesthetic.

Comrades, Workers: start up your motors. Let us burn some proletarian rubber Semi-Autonomous Pod whizzes our blogger round Cape Town
December 18, 2016

We examine and record the charms of Cape Town from the cosy confines of a Soviet era Chinese-built sidecar.

Peaceful vegetable gathering Young, gifted and edible: Meet the delicious produce of the Oranjezicht City Farm Market
November 16, 2016

Aren’t food markets just great? Finding things that just would not sit on the shelf of a supermarket or store due to the lack of volume or logistical reach of the grower or maker. Knowing that this stuff isn’t trucked and tracked in on a daily basis. Lower frequency and higher scarcity makes for even greater determination to not miss out on that bread, cheese or fruit at this once in a week-time speciality fresh produce event at Granger Bay, next to the V and A Waterfront in Cape Town.

V&A boat lights at night Cape Town V&A Waterfront – An Outline
November 7, 2016

The V&A Waterfront of Cape Town: shopping centre, working harbour, living museum.

Sophisticated & stylish or casual & beachy, we have YOUR Camps Bay Villa or Apartment Camps Bay: Farming, Warfare & Convertibles, a quick history
November 3, 2016

“We drove her cabriolet down the road to Camps Bay…” (Sugardrive, South African band, late 1990’s) Lines that pretty much capture the Camps Bay gist: a relaxed and visually marvellous strip of photogenic real estate sandwiched between the gently curving, palm edged bay and the back end of Table Mountain. Oh yes, and lots of …[continued]

Sea Point for starters
August 13, 2013

Not easy to summarise Sea Point in a few paragraphs but I’ve done it.  Read it.

Exposed! Clifton. Well, revealed. In our neighbourhood summary.
July 26, 2013

Get to know Clifton and its beaches quickly and painlessly in our brief and updated summary. 4 pure white and sheltered expanses of sand separated by granite boulders at the steep base of Lions Head. Christened with the utilitarian names: 1st Beach, 2nd Beach… You should have figured out the pattern by now. There is …[continued]

Camps Bay gets renovated
July 17, 2013

Updating and dusting off our Cape Town neighbourhood descriptions for our new website. Its still in development phase but you are allowed a peek here. Have some facts or historical artefacts to share?  Use the comment form.