Camps Bay

Once derelict concrete grain silos in Cape Town's docklands reinvented as spectacular art, fashion and design venue
Nov. 08, 2017
Creating beauty and fashion on location can be either a dream or a nightmare.  I have used my makeup brushes in public toilets, abandoned buildings, harsh terrain as well as five star hotels. Believe … Keep reading →
Investors in sleek minimal Camps Bay villa new subscribers to our marketing solution
May. 23, 2017
We are excited to announce Laluna, a sumptuous, uncluttered 4 bedroom villa in Camps Bay: now made available by the owners to guests … Keep reading →
GATE 69- All Seat belt signs are off. Dennie checks out the home of Cathy and The Trolley Dollies in downtown Cape Town
May. 21, 2017
I first set eyes on Cathy Specific whilst working on a Marks and Spencers photo shoot.  I was dressing hair for a street scene on Bree, down town when suddenly I saw this 8ft tall female, hourglass figure … Keep reading →
The Crystal Method: mobile, wearable, long-lasting, mystical properties. Rock as the ultimate hardware.
May. 01, 2017
I am one of those people that pick up stones and shells when I am travelling. I will carry one in my pocket all day turning it over in my hand, rubbing my thumb on the cool surface, I find it calming. … Keep reading →
Heavy, laden with soul at Odeon: South African functional art to sip from, sprawl on, pore over
Apr. 26, 2017
A visit to the Watershed  at the V & A Waterfront is a must  The Odeon is my favourite store. I love to just stand inside and marvel at the ceramics that have been hand crafted by the very best local … Keep reading →
Something Light: South African animals take time out from being wild to mess around with with colour, context and unpowered flight
Mar. 21, 2017
A few years ago I was visiting Cape Town and received the most wonderful birthday present, an original painting of Nelson Mandela, colourful, fun and unique. The master of my gift is fine artist Deziree … Keep reading →
Made in South Africa: Gifts and souvenirs with so much heart and soul, they're almost conscious
Feb. 28, 2017
Shopping in Cape Town is refreshing for visitors coming from a world where nearly all things have been made in China. Globalisation has squashed originality with brand identities ruling product placement … Keep reading →
Wave-sushi interaction: Paranga, Camps Bay
Feb. 03, 2017
Camps Bay has a great vibe for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is glamorous, but not elitist. You … Keep reading →
Dinner at The Bungalow, Clifton
Jan. 08, 2017
When I dine out, it is my intention to eat great food, yes,  but I cannot enjoy the food if all of my requirements for a feel-good experience before dining are not met. I require good lighting, interesting … Keep reading →
Camps Bay: Farming, Warfare & Convertibles, a quick history
Nov. 03, 2016
Lines that pretty much capture the Camps Bay gist: a relaxed and visually marvellous strip of photogenic real estate sandwiched between the gently curving, palm edged bay and the back … Keep reading →
Your stay on Glen Beach
Jan. 14, 2013
Rose: It was top notch. Helen was a great help to us. The house itself was beautiful. Many thanks, Don
"We drove her cabriolet down the road to Camps Bay..."
Dec. 23, 2012
Lines that pretty much capture the Camps Bay gist: a relaxed and visually marvellous strip of photogenic real estate sandwiched between the gently curving, palm edged bay and the back … Keep reading →
How was your stay at 43 Central Drive?
Jun. 05, 2012
I must say the place is simply amazing, spectacular designs yet practical. Views are breath taking and the convenience of having everything in camps bay 2minutes away was really a life saver on those … Keep reading →
How To: Get Cellular, mobile, data and internet in Cape Town
Dec. 05, 2010
Cellular, mobile service providers available are MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, Virgin Mobile and Telkom. To get going quickly and easily go for a prepaid service option. I would recommend Vodacom for the … Keep reading →
Cape Town land and areas
Jul. 21, 2008
The bulk of Table Mountain hulking over you like a gigatonne heavyweight sandstone bodyguard; flanked by its three more diminutive henchmen, Devil’s Peak, Signal … Keep reading →
The Village Table: Eating & drinking in Camps Bay
Jun. 30, 2008
These essential pastimes will all be carried out on the landward side of Victoria Road of Camps Bay. Non-stop, it would take an average human 10 minutes to walk this whimsical commercial … Keep reading →