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Upper building and silo hotel sporting faceted pillow windows Once derelict concrete grain silos in Cape Town’s docklands reinvented as spectacular art, fashion and design venue
November 8, 2017

Dennie Pasion is a journalist as well as a make up and hair professional writing for us about her involvement with Elle Magazine’s cover shoot and fashion editorial at Cape Town’s MOCAA (Museum of Contemporary Art Africa) where they had exclusive access before the venue opened to the general public. Take a walk with her through once-abandoned grain silos, lavishly repurposed into a multi-storey exhibition of the best modern art and installations in Africa.

In the event of sudden loss of pressure to the cabin, all will be just fine GATE 69- All Seat belt signs are off. Dennie checks out the home of Cathy and The Trolley Dollies in downtown Cape Town
May 21, 2017

Our Cape Town blogger, Dennie, happens to be a world class make up and hair artist. In this Gate 69 post she makes sure that the hair, skin and nails of Cathy Specific and her Trolley Dollies are up to scratch and takes you round their Cape Town cabaret and dinner venue, Gate 69.

Shake it like a Polaroid picture: Sunday Tango social at Cape Town's Sea Point Pavilion Tango in Sneakers: Sunday Sea Point Social
May 2, 2017

Sunday Tango social at Cape Town’s Sea Point Pavilion. Phlog (photo+blog) post catching a millisecond of Cape Town life with a write up about what it means to us.

Map of the world The Crystal Method: mobile, wearable, long-lasting, mystical properties. Rock as the ultimate hardware.
May 1, 2017

No left turn unstoned: Mood enhancing rocks and gemstones. Just don’t eat them! Take a piece of Southern Africa’s mineral wealth home with you.

Scatter abundantly Heavy, laden with soul at Odeon: South African functional art to sip from, sprawl on, pore over
April 26, 2017

Smashing Cape ceramics craftily created, crated; couriered cross-continentally. Home ware, fabrics, locally published lifestyle books to use and peruse. Odeon at Watershed captured on blog. Party 3 of our “Made in South Africa” franchise.

Pink Zebras; symmetry and stripiness Something Light: South African animals take time out from being wild to mess around with with colour, context and unpowered flight
March 21, 2017

Today we put on our monocles and become art critics. Images of wild South African creatures in surprising contexts. The rhino hogs the couch, a new colour palette is applied to the zebra. This way please…
Part 2 in our “Made in South Africa” series.

Good to re-use over and over again: art of the old bag Made in South Africa: Gifts and souvenirs with so much heart and soul, they’re almost conscious
February 28, 2017

Forget about stuffy museums and slick auctioneers: the imaginative gifts and souvenirs created by the craftsmen and cottage industries of Cape Town are art and collectibles without the heavy price tag. And they won’t take up much space in your hand baggage.

Part 1 of 4 posts: more to used teabags than a weak brew.

We are awarded the Guest Review Award for 2016 awards us with Guest Review Award for 2016
February 6, 2017

Independent reviews from guests that have stayed with us are the ultimate way for us to gauge how we are doing; invaluable in helping other travellers decide where to stay and are testimonials of how effective our marketing and management solution is for our property suppliers and investors.

Who needs Davos in January? Come to Paranga in Camps Bay and leave sub-zero to those elites. Wave-sushi interaction: Paranga, Camps Bay
February 3, 2017

Sitting just off the Camps Bay beach front pavement, tipping the work leisure balance well into the zone of pampered indolence. Life is good, the waves full of salty energy and Paranga is just the kind of place lap it all up.

Good jazz soundtrack, shellfish, curry under the warm glow of Edison electric lighting A light meal at Dalliance, Victoria Wharf
January 23, 2017

So you’ve just pre-spent the next 3 months worth of wage remuneration at the mall. Not good. A visit to Dalliance to recalibrate might help. Part 3 of 4 speed reviews of restaurants that offer great seafood (as well as other menu options), good views of the Atlantic Ocean and memorable comfort and interiors. Dalliance is upstairs in the main shopping centre part of the V&A Waterfront yet with its outlook over Table Bay and Granger Bay, easily shakes of the mall feel.